Australian Table Grape Industry



Grapes were brought to Australia with the First Fleet in 1788 by Captain Arthur Phillip, founder of the colony of New South Wales. He planted a small vineyard with cuttings from South America and South Africa as one of his first ventures in agriculture.

Growing Regions

Australian table grapes are grown in many different places – from the Northern Territory and Northern Queensland to southern Victoria and throughout Western Australia.

Major growing regions:

  • Sunraysia and the Murray Valley in Victoria
  • Riverina in New South Wales (NSW)
  • South-eastern Queensland

Other growing regions:

  • Carnarvon, the Swan Valley and south-west of Western Australia
  • Central NSW
  • The Riverland in South Australia
  • Central Northern Territory

Table Grape Season

  • The season for fresh grapes runs for six to seven months
  • It starts in November, peaks in February and March and closes in May

Table Grape Season by Region

  • Early season regions include the Northern Territory, Queensland (St George, Emerald and Mundubbera) and NSW (Bourke and Menindee)
  • Late season grapes (which constitute 70% of production) come from the Sunraysia region of Victoria (Mildura and Robinvale)
  • Western Australia produces table grapes for the majority of the season.

Primary Table Grape Varieties

  • Menindee Seedless: Available from November to February
  • Thompson Seedless: Available from January to May
  • Red Globe: Available from December to May
  • Crimson SeedlessAvailable from February to May


–Data and images provided by the Australian Table Grape Association